I had an amazing deep tissue massage to help me release some very painful tight muscles in my left leg--it was    

hard to bend over and was keeping me up at night.  It was my first visit to Sharyon Blackgrove, based on a strong                   positive recommendation from a physical trainer.  She immediately found the crucial spots and worked out

the tight tissue.  She was thoughtful, practiced, and had the strength I needed. It was a wonderful experience and really   helped me.  I've already returned for more!


"My most successful season of racing was, in part, thanks to Sharyon of Blackgrove Massage. To work full time as a bike messenger and compete at a high level of road racing for 10 years takes firm dedication and a structured game plan. Sharyon's work expedited the recovery process for my body which allowed me to dig deeper in training and racing. I would recommend to any serious athlete as an integral component to their game plan."

John Trujillo

Dropoff, Inc. 

2nd Houston Grand P12, 2nd Tulsa Tough Blue Dome I/II

"Sharyon combines her powerful but healing hands and extensive knowledge of the body to deliver a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Her professionalism and attentiveness to the different needs of my body has been wonderful. As a regular client I really just can’t say enough..I give her my highest recommendation!"